SMASH! 2023 Artist Alley - THANK YOU SO MUCH

SMASH! 2023 Artist Alley - THANK YOU SO MUCH

Posted by Misa on 3rd Jul 2023

Hi everyone!Today is Monday and on the weekend I participated in my first ever convention weekend for SMASH! 2023.It was an AMAZING experience and in short, it was absolutely crazy and blew all of my … read more

I've been a bit Missing in Action...

Posted by Misa on 1st Feb 2023

Hi everyone!For those who don't follow me on social media (mostly Instagram) you will have probably noticed that I have been a bit on the quiet side. I assure you it's not because I'm having an artist … read more

Postage Fee Adjustment on 3 January 2023

Posted by Misa on 3rd Dec 2022

Hi everyone!The other day I checked my business mail box and found a letter from AusPost advising that their next postage fee adjustment will be on the 3rd January 2023.I've been running Mochi La Vie … read more

No Black Friday Sales

Posted by Misa on 22nd Nov 2022

Hi everyone!It's been a while since I updated my blog... I started a few drafts... felt like I was talking to myself a bit too much and then didn't end up publishing anything.Anyway, today's blog post … read more
Thank you Burwood!

Thank you Burwood!

Posted by Misa on 6th Oct 2022

Hi everyone,Wow! It was my first time venturing out west and I had such a great time at Burwood's Emerald Square in the laneways. The weather thankfully held off (only light rain, but nothing to deter … read more