SMASH! 2023 Artist Alley - THANK YOU SO MUCH

SMASH! 2023 Artist Alley - THANK YOU SO MUCH

Posted by Misa on 3rd Jul 2023

Hi everyone!

Today is Monday and on the weekend I participated in my first ever convention weekend for SMASH! 2023.
It was an AMAZING experience and in short, it was absolutely crazy and blew all of my expectations way out of proportion. I sold out on so many things I didn't think I would sell out on Saturday, and on Sunday a few familiar faces returned to make second purchases and to me that is so important and I really appreciate it. I love seeing return customers because it means a lot to me, knowing that you enjoy my designs and will come back for more. A lot of you took the time and effort to come around and say hi, tell me your personal stories and it really made my day. Truly, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

I would absolutely love to be there again next year (and if possible, every year - because as my husband would describe the event - it's like Christmas but even better T_T) and will look forward to it again. It also made me feel so welcome as part of a community of "like-interests" as I didn't feel out of place, and everyone was so nice and supportive.

Anyway, I've updated stock levels (which are hopefully accurate) and will upload the new Glamorous Sky collection in the coming day or two. I will remake the Waterlily/ Koi series as a priority, as that is completely sold out. I will try to restock as much as I can this month, as I will not have time to do much - or at least I do not expect to have much time until after October or November.


For those who didn't know or wasn't aware, I actually completed SMASH! weekend being 8.5 months pregnant. I only have about one more month to go before I have my second child, which is pretty crazy! I was on my feet about 85% of the day, but it was ok and still manageable. I am now utterly exhausted though, because I used all my energy over the weekend. It was a rough 4 months' of preparation, as I had two really annoying bouts of sickness (which ironically nobody in the household was sick, and coincidentally occurred a week after getting some mandatory vaccinations - we know that's not how vaccinations work, but anything's possible with an immune system that's a bit questionable with a body having so many changes) - so I will try to get some rest before moving onto my restock.

On that note, July orders will probably go out smoothly as I still have time and energy. In early August for the first 2 weeks, orders will go out soonest the 11th August 2023, with subsequent orders maybe not going out as quickly as usual, depending on stock quantities.


My next pop up in confirmed for December 2023 - which means, I will be around!!
It will be a weekend event and I will hopefully be fully restocked, with a few cute things ready for Christmas.
The Mystery Bag event will likely return during this weekend, as it was a really popular option during SMASH! weekend. Pretty much prior to 11:30am all the bags were gone, and we had a 10am start.
It will be a much smaller event, which will probably be a good idea considering I will be probably still a bit disorientated and sleep deprived, but I will make the most out of it and I am really looking forward to it!

Thank you once again for your support and following me on my making journey. Your support means I can continue to make unique accessories that will bring a lot of joy, and I can continue to design fun things for everyone :) I really look forward to bigger and better things to come - thank you so much to everyone, including the SMASH! team for organising such an amazing event, and of course all the attendees too for being so supportive.

I'll catch you all soon!