Not long to go now - MATERNITY LEAVE AUGUST-MID NOV 2023

Posted by Misa on 28th Jul 2023

Hi everyone!

Thank you SO MUCH for being the sweetest ever. I received some really kind messages, notes, emails etc from some of you and I really appreciate you all for taking the time and doing that! It really makes me feel so happy and seriously I love you all for that. Thank you for being so kind!

There's not too long to go now (starting to feel the aches and pains - oh the joys of getting very close to being due any time now~) and in case if you missed it, I will be on Maternity Leave from August - mid Nov 2023.

Any orders placed in the first 2 weeks or so of August will be despatched earliest 11 August 2023 (this is because I will NOT be at home for about a week due to staying in hospital). I might have the luxury of coming home earlier, but I don't know for sure. Someone will be doing my postal runs in August, and when I am well enough (probably 6 weeks postpartum) I can start to do my postal runs on my own again. I try to despatch as soon as I can, but this will also be dependent on stock levels - as you all know, SMASH! really cleared out my inventory quite a bit, and I made an incredible amount of stock. I'm 90% replenished, but well, who knows? I'll try my very best!

As such, subscribers to the newsletter will not be receiving anything in your inboxes for a while, but hopefully during the time I am away I am still inspired and designing new things, so when I am back in action around mid-end November, I hopefully will be back with new designs! As always, I will try to be on Instagram every now and then (because it's just easy for me to throw something up onto the Stories), so you can always catch me there if I'm still alive and not sleep deprived.

That's about it! Thank you so much for all of your support. Some of you have known me for a solid 2 years or have been with me from the very start, some of you may have come across me just recently or for the past year due to SMASH! but from the bottom of my heart I thank each and every one of you for being so extremely kind. I started Mochi La Vie with really, no expectations at all but you all have so much trust in me and I feel like I can keep doing what I love, and in turn offer you with something unique too. 

I'll be back really soon, because time flies just like that - until then, please all take care, stay happy and healthy and I'll return with new designs to make you all smile!

PS: I only have like, one confirmed pop up for December, but I think I will try to squeeze in another one or two events (if they are suitable, of course) if any opportunity comes up. I am also going to open up some fun things online for December/ Christmas for everyone who lives interstate/ overseas/ not based in Sydney.
I want to do bigger and better for 2024, and will try to get organised for this as soon as opportunities open up.