Chiyogami Collection

The "Chiyogami Collection" is an experimental project exploring paper as a medium. 

Just like Bruce Lee once said "be water", paper is used widely in Japanese design and architecture. It is amazing that something seemingly fragile and pliable can be used to build building structures, and can be shaped, just by folding. The "Chiyogami Collection" currently offers 2 designs: Sakura studs and paper crane ear threads. The Sakura studs are a slow layer process, finished with a strong and glossy resin finish. The Paper Crane ear threads use ear threads as a conscious design decision to feature the crane only, as if it were actually flying. These paper cranes are created from a tedious 7 step process, and are also finished in glossy resin, almost giving the illusion of glass. No two pairs are the same. "Be paper!"


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