Hello, I'm Kristie (best known to my close friends as Misa) - the sole designer and creator of Mochi La Vie. I do absolutely everything from the graphics, photography, product creation, all the way to order despatch. 

Mochi ・Japanese for -traditional rice cake dessert (to complement green tea) -to seize/to hold/to have
La Vie・
French for life/ lifestyle

Mochi La Vie is also a reference to "choco la vie", the chocolate store in "Shitsuren Chocolatier".
It's also a play on textures, as polymer clay is a bit like "mochi".

Mochi La Vie was established when I tried to shift my time to create things, rather than to spend time watching TV or playing copious amounts of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I'm a stay at home mum, and during lockdown and several cancelled trips to Japan, I decided to bring back an old idea to make some hair bows for my daughter - with a Japanese twist. My keenness for making soon meant buying a sewing machine and making odd bits and pieces from things I had at home. At the end of 2020 I was searching for Cherry Blossom earrings and excitedly ordered a pair off an online marketplace from a local seller, only to be disappointed that I didn't quite fall in love with them. So I decided to make my own and ordered some polymer clay - and here I am now, always designing things I wish I had or wish existed.

I primarily work with 3 mediums: fabric, paper and polymer clay.

My personal ideal and standard of quality is quite high, and you can see this reflected in my designs. I have a background in design and experience working with jewellery so these are all things that make my designs uniquely "me" or "you". I incorporate semi-precious gemstones such as freshwater pearls because I like to blur the boundary between fashion accessory and fine jewellery, especially with polymer clay. As a designer, I design my accessories so that they can be worn time after time, season after season regardless of age or place. Every day (although I try to remind myself this is a hobby) I try very hard to ensure that when you see the little white box with "Mochi La Vie" on it, you'll be excited to see what's inside the box. I take a little pride in knowing that is already the case for some of you, but I will aim to bring this little box of happiness and quality to more people in Australia or even overseas.

I have a towards zero waste policy, meaning most of my items are created on the first try (if not, improved until it gets my tick of approval), and all my graphics are kept black and white to keep waste minimal. I sometimes make the conscious decision to maybe sand or not sand particular series/ pieces, to keep the original texture as it is. I also try to source my materials and parts within Australia first, before choosing overseas, to support other individuals and companies in Australia where possible.

On a yearly basis I evaluate where I want to be and where I want to be headed, and currently I am popping up in Sydney for select markets in 2023. As my physical pop ups will be limited, I encourage all online orders where possible. Please subscribe and follow/ like us on social media to get the latest updates for new stock, promotions and pop ups.

Thank you for reading about my story so far, and I hope to see you around!
This is my humble collection of self-designed accessories and I hope you find something special.

Nice to meet you, 



This page was updated to include updated information in September 2023.



Nov 2020: Started off making hair bows, then moving onto hair clips
January 2021: Started experimenting with polymer clay
March 2021: Website launch and first market at Kirribilli Markets 
May 2021: First artisan market at The Coal Loader Artisans Market
February 2022: Green Square Markets
July 2022: Sydney Made Art & Design Markets
July 2022: Guest Panel Speaker at SMASH! anime convention
July 2023: First con tabling experience at SMASH! 2023 Artist Alley
Dec 2023: First artist market tabling experience at HUEHUE2 Art Market