Hello, I'm Kristie (best known to my close friends as Misa) - the sole designer and creator of Mochi La Vie. I do absolutely everything from the graphics, photography, product creation, all the way to order despatch. 

Mochi ・Japanese for -traditional rice cake dessert (to complement green tea) -to seize/to hold/to have
La Vie・
French for life/ lifestyle

Mochi La Vie is also a reference to "choco la vie", the chocolate store in "Shitsuren Chocolatier".
It's also a play on textures, as polymer clay is a bit like "mochi".

Mochi La Vie was established when I tried to shift my time to create things, rather than to spend time watching TV or playing video games. I am the mum of a two and a bit toddler (as of the time of writing this), and I wanted to create some unique hair accessories for her. My Japan trip was cancelled due to COVID (with the previous booking also cancelled due to personal reasons), so I was really missing Japan and really wanted a piece of Japan so it felt like I was holidaying. In fact, I figured that I probably wasn't the only one who would welcome this, so Mochi La Vie is mostly based on Japanese prints, designs and motifs, injecting them into small every day objects. Eventually, my scope of creating extended from initially hand stitching to finally giving in and buying a sewing machine (and using that to make a whole bunch of random things...), and later picking up polymer clay as a new skill.

I primarily work with 4 mediums: fabric, paper, polymer clay and resin.

I have a background in design and worked in a jewellery boutique, so my knowledge of jewellery and accessories is solid. I'm always curious and experimenting, and I try to make all my items "work" the first time round. And if things don't, hey! It's all part of the process. All the product types I have, always start with a sample - and I test this sample vigorously to ensure that it is durable and actually works. I think my personal ideal of quality is quite high, so if it's not something I want, I wouldn't offer it. Of course, not everything I make is perfect, but I try hard to get it close.

I have a towards zero waste policy, meaning most of my items are created on the first try (if not, improved until it gets my tick of approval), and all my graphics are kept black and white to keep waste minimal. I sometimes make the conscious decision to maybe sand or not sand particular series/ pieces, to keep the original texture as it is. I also try to source all my materials and parts within Australia first, before choosing overseas, to support other individuals and companies in Australia.

As of March 2021, Mochi La Vie has made the decision to try market days around Sydney and will trial this for a period of 12 months (yay!). So if you prefer to shop in person, please subscribe and follow/ like us on social media to get the latest updates on when and where our next market will be.

Thank you for reading about my story so far, and I hope to see you around!

Nice to meet you, 






Nov 2020: Started off making hair bows, then moving onto hair clips
January 2021: Started experimenting with polymer clay
March 2021: Website launch and first market at Kirribilli Markets 
May 2021: Scheduled for first artisan market at The Coal Loader Artisans Market
Nov 2021: First stockist at Design A Space Fitzroy