Wisteria Classic FUJI Crystal Connected Chain Stud Drop Earring

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Earring Material (Body):
Polymer Clay, Swarovski Crystals, Miyuki Delica Glass Beads
Earring Material (Hardware):
Stainless Steel (Gold or Silver Tone)
Earring Type:
Stud Post
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1x Pair of Wisteria Polymer Clay stainless steel hardware earrings

This item is made to order. If you see stock quantity level, it means it will be despatched next business day, otherwise it will be made and despatched within 1 week from date of order.
Silver hardware is available, please leave a note at checkout to specify this change, thank you.

This pair of earrings features very dainty, wisteria flowers in a 3D connected chain design.
Each pair is made by hand and there may be differences with each wisteria bud. To make the wisteria flowers, each petal is moulded by hand and painted; each flower then goes through a demoulding process before it is assembled with the crystals and beads.
Each wisteria has a purple or crystal AB genuine Swarovski crystal inside and capped with a Miyuki Delica glass bead in gold. This pair is mounted on a 4mm ball stud and 2.5mm chain.
This design is designed to be simple yet complex, and all the components are kept as small as possible.

To wear: simply put on the backing as usual (try to keep the side of the backing with the chain facing on the bottom so your chain falls straight), and the earring will sit. There will be a chain loop under the lobe with two wisteria flowers, plus an additional chain that hangs from behind your ear lobe with a single wisteria on the end.
This earring was designed to not only be seen from the front, but also from the sides for extra dimension.

Made from polymer clay and hours of design and patience.

Note: Please check measurements below as the model is not to scale - it was used to demonstrate how the earring looks when worn.

38mm approx

Each wisteria flower is on average 8mm in diameter


-Please supervise children if you choose to let them wear these earrings
-Please do not submerge in water and avoid wetting/ moisture
-These were made from polymer clay, so please do not squeeze/ crush, drop or leave hanging around (eg. in a handbag) to ensure it stays in its original condition
-All items were handmade, so please allow for differences in the measurements. Slight imperfections are normal such as fingerprints; each piece has been QC'd prior to sending out.
-Stainless steel generally does not change colour, but under some circumstances such as chemistry with certain skin types, lots of friction, or prolonged exposure to chemicals and alcohols (eg. perfumes) may cause the steel to discolour, but this is rare (think of wear and tear of your standard steel watch band).
-Due to computer screens and photography, the colours may have slight differences to the actual product.