Thank you for coming to HueHue and for your support during 2023

Posted by Misa on 11th Dec 2023

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd put this in a separate blog to the postal increase one (because that's boring stuff) but I really wanted to thank everyone who visited/ dropped by/ sent me messages or sent me good vibes in spirit! I was very touched to see that you came to say hi and spent some of your precious time last weekend to visit me and the other artists at HueHue. I really appreciate it and I hope you all had fun. A huge thank you especially to those who came on Saturday (though Sunday attendees are no less appreciated of course, only because) due to the extreme hot weather! 

On Saturday we were experiencing something like 42/43 degrees in Sydney. My spot was smack bang in the sun during morning setup and there was a glass roof. The air con stopped working (or my theory is that it never got adjusted - say you set it at 21 degrees and it's beautiful, but when you add another 200 people in that space all walking around, 21 degrees would not suffice if that makes sense??), and it was literally sweltering. But you guys still came and made it! TYSM!! And of course thank you to all the artists, we all worked hard in the heat and kept going!

HueHue co-hosts were super kind and made sure their staff or themselves come around with cold drinks and ice creams - it saved our lives and we made it through! At about 3pm it only started to cool down a bit (bearable heat, but still high humidity). I was starting to envy the clever attendees with USB powered fans or hand held fans~~ super smart!! To be fair we didn't know as we expected the air con to work, but well, I was lucky and found a spare cardboard sheet and used it to fan myself. One kind attendee used their fan and gave me a little breeze - thank you so much!!!

On Sunday the weather was much cooler, in fact quite gloomy as it rained lightly and the lights were on from the morning. The turnout for Sunday was actually bigger and better as on Saturday crowd control was not really an issue, so on Sunday all walk-ins and ticket holders were just coming in droves and it was fine.

So despite the weather conditions and all, it was so great seeing you all, I loved seeing the variety of different outfits and just people in general. It was also an excellent weekend in turns of turnout, turnover, and I sold plenty of things and sold out some items (which means... restocking... again... haha). But that's all very good and I am super grateful to be a part of this lovely artist market.

Thank you again to everyone, co-hosts, artists, attendees - I really appreciated being a part of the HueHue fam and I look forward to future events - whether I am an attendee or get to table. Much love!


On that note thank you to everyone, international or interstate for your support this year. It meant a lot to me as I did not appear much in person and went on maternity leave. I cut all my paid advertising and solely relied on your trust (especially for people seeing me for the first time). 

My small business has a very high rate of returning customers and this means a lot to me because I am doing the right thing and still making the designs you love and want in your daily lives. I am so happy to hear that from seeing my accessories, some of you have even gone as far to piercing your ears to wear my creations - which is insane, especially knowing there is more than one of you who did this or intend to do so! There are a few things I am extremely grateful for, and I will write about these through Instagram as that's the way I roll and most of you will see it.

2023 has been a year of opportunities for me and I am thrilled to find extra mediums to express my designs as art and will explore this further in 2024. I feel like I am on the right track, and that's all very reassuring.

Thank you as always for reading and following along, I hope to have a short break and be back bigger and better in 2024!