Mochi La Vie accepts bespoke/ custom made orders on an omakase basis.

Omakase is a Japanese menu request for a random or special service/ product, entrusting the final end product at the discretion of the provider's decision. This is a special request based on trust that the provider will produce something they believe fits the customer best. As such, the customer does not know what the final end product is until it is finished.

Bespoke pieces will be priced according to materials, complexity and time to construct. An estimate can be provided before we begin.

You can specify certain details eg. "elegant rose drop earrings in pink" vs "cute rose stud earrings in purple" to help narrow it down.

As of October 2021, a mandatory full payment is required before work begins

Bespoke pieces are all unlikely to be replicated, so your custom piece will be unique, unless it is for a bulk order eg. for a party, or matching items

All sales of bespoke pieces are final, with no major revisions to be made. 

Thank you for entrusting Mochi La Vie with your bespoke order. To place a bespoke order, please email us to discuss.