Vintage Silk Kimono Sleeve Top SAMPLE (Flower Cart)

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Best fits size 10-12
100% Silk
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1x Vintage Silk Top with lining as pictured

This item was handmade from a vintage silk kimono which I unpicked myself.
Only one available, one of a kind**

Have you ever wanted to wear kimono, but find it difficult to store/fold, source, maintain and most importantly wear? Wearing a traditional kimono takes many parts and steps, however now you can wear kimono inspired apparel designed for every day wear. Silk is a natural material and has excellent breathabiity, hypoallergenic and extremely durable meaning if cared for will last for many years. Vintage silk kimono and silk panels are given a new lease of life, with the entire panel being utilised and without the need to create or use new silk.


This is a short top that has been "tailored" so that wearing a belt is not necessary. It was repurposed from two kimono sleeves, the kimono being a vintage silk kimono I unpicked myself. This top is lined with the original silk lining of the kimono, and features a gradient typically seen in kimono.
This item is marked as a "sample" as the stitching may be a bit messy and likely not to be remade in this style.
The fabric is in excellent condition.
All apparel items are ironed prior to despatch.
This is a cropped style, so the top is on the shorter side. Recommended to be worn with high waist pants, skirt or leggings.
The guide is best for size 10-12, though a 14 is likely to fit but may fall shorter, and smaller sizes will fit well.

Model is 163cm and wears size 10-12

Can be folded flat into a neat rectangle for storage.

LENGTH (measured from top of garment to hem on a flat surface:


The narrower your shoulder, the longer the sleeves.


-Dry clean is recommended for silk items, however you can search how to clean a silk kimono online - any hand washing is done at your own risk, but I feel as this piece is embroidered it could be OK. Warm iron may be required.