Vintage Silk Kimono Panel Infinity Scarf (Indigo Asanoha) (SOLD OUT)

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100% Silk (Vintage Kimono 1980s) made in Japan
96% Polyester 4% Spandex Crepe made in Korea
Medium Weight

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1x Vintage Silk Kimono Panel Infinity Scarf (as shown in photographs)

This beautiful vintage silk kimono panel has been upcycled to an infinity scarf. Please note that this is ONE long continuous kimono panel, which I have not cut or joined in any way. Panels of this length are quite hard to come by!

Each scarf is one of a kind.

A bit of a funny story: the last time I visited in Japan, I lost my scarf on the way to Asakusa while doing a kimono rental. I was very sad as it was a designer scarf I had purchased for my own birthday and I owned it for a few years. Now I've decided to make infinity scarves, so that way, they won't ever fall off the neck and get lost!

The "upper" layer is a dark blue with white dotted asanoha geometric pattern consistent throughout. It has a smooth woven texture and little to no sheen. The fabric was sourced from an Australian supplier, who imported it from Kyoto, Japan.
The "inner" layer is a 96% polyester 4% spandex crepe fabric in a navy colour made in Korea, and is of medium weight, great for cooler months. It is soft and drapes beautifully. This is the perfect unisex scarf and is as traditional as patterns and colours can get when it comes to Japanese tradition and culture.

There is a 360 degree twist in the scarf so that it sits a bit shorter when looped around the head once. Simply twist the scarf into a figure eight, and pop over the head - adjust as you wish to show which colours you want more, and feel free to move it towards your back to shorten, or wear it as one short loop and one long loop - or one long loop and let hang. 

Please be advised that none of the fabrics have been prewashed (with the exception of the kimono silk panel, which was cleaned in Kyoto) and the vintage kimono silk is estimated from the 1980s and is in very good condition. There may be some creases/marks in the crepe fabric due to how it was wrapped around the fabric bolt, but these will come out in the wash or over time.

Measurements are rough and are the minimum (ie. it will most likely be longer but not more than by extra 15cm length or 5cm width).

Approx 60"/ 150cm+


-Please supervise children if you choose to let them wear this item
-All items were handmade, so please allow for differences in the measurements. Slight imperfections are normal visible knots and slight creases from hand sewing - these will be QCd prior and avoided as much as possible.
-Dry cleaning is best for this item. Any handwashing is done at your own risk (you can search up how to wash a kimono, but I cannot guarantee it will work as each piece of fabric is different)
-Due to computer screens and photography, the colours may have slight differences to the actual product.