Twist Knot Headband - 2 in 1 Reversible Upcycled Vintage Kimono Silk Panel (Butterfly Garden)

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100% Silk (Vintage Kimono 1980s) made in Japan
100% Polyester
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1x Vintage Silk Kimono Panel Headband (as shown in photographs)

This beautiful vintage silk kimono panel has been upcycled to a headband.

Each headband is one of a kind.

Headbands are a warm, soft and fantastic way to add a bit of colour and pop to any outfit. I've found that these headbands look great with hair of all lengths, tied up or not tied - they are very versatile and comfortable on.

The vintage silk headbands are "reversible" as depending on how you flip the band, you will a different pattern/ colour scheme.
This particular headband uses one continuous piece of kimono silk with underlying brick red/ pink tones.
Side 1: Butterflies, chrysanthemums and geometric hexagon with flower pattern
Side 2: Birds amongst cherry and plum blossoms with more pink in the background.

Kimono Fabric: Woven textured silk with low sheen.
The "inner" layer is a taupe-like coloured satin which is smooth and drapes beautifully. It feels and looks luxurious and is gentle on the hair.

Please be advised that none of the fabrics have been prewashed (with the exception of the kimono silk panel, which was cleaned in Kyoto) and the vintage kimono silk is estimated from the 1980s and is in very good condition. Minor imperfections are normal and not considered a flaw.

One size fits all - fits standard adult head and up to approx 65cm circumference when stretched.
This headband has a generous fit (might seem loose, but it sits nice and comfortably on an average sized head)


-This is an adult size; most likely will not fit children.
-All items were handmade, so please allow for differences in the measurements. Slight imperfections are normal visible knots and slight creases from hand sewing - these will be QCd prior and avoided as much as possible.
-Dry cleaning is best for this item. Do not tumble or wring dry.
-Due to computer screens and photography, the colours may have slight differences to the actual product.