Sunflower HIMAWARI LTD Small Circle with Bead Drop Earring (Ukraine Fundraiser)

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Earring Material (Body):
Polymer Clay
Earring Material (Hardware):
Stainless Steel (Gold Tone)
Earring Type:
Stud Post
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1x Pair of Sunflower Polymer Clay earrings with stainless steel hardware.

For every pair of the Sunflower LTD earrings, $10AU* is donated to Vostok-SOS Ukraine, a non Govt organisation helping those who are affected by the current situation now in Ukraine. An email will be sent to you after you order with a screenshot of the donation made under your name and Mochi La Vie (it will be donated to the official PayPal email on the Vostok-SOS website/

This design was inspired by the colours of the Ukrainian flag. It features a pearlescent handmade teardrop bead and is mounted on a 4mm ball stud. Silver can be an option, but I would advise against it as gold is symbolic to Ukraine, as it is on their national flag as yellow/gold.

Due to popularity, this item was remade with a navy blue base, so the second batch is different to the first batch. Once sold out, this item will not longer be restocked. Thank you for supporting.

*For full transparency, I've figured out how to send money via PayPal properly now. I'll tinker with the donation amount in USD until it adjusts to $10AUD, which I have successfully done. One donation has 40c extra to make up for the 40c missing (exchange rate). Thank you! Update - PayPal fixed the issue so it's the correct amount on the first try.

13 JUNE 2022
I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has purchased a pair of the Himawari LTD.
Originally this little fundraiser was something I wanted to do for my birthday, and the idea came about when I had a short anonymous exchange with a lady in my building from Ukraine who was distressed about the situation in her home country.
So far $50AU has been donated to Vostok-SOS and that has far exceeded my expectations.
Thank you.


20mm at its widest point


-Please supervise children if you choose to let them wear these earrings
-Please do not submerge in water and avoid wetting/ moisture
-These were made from polymer clay, so please do not squeeze/ crush, drop or leave hanging around (eg. in a handbag) to ensure it stays in its original condition
-All items were handmade, so please allow for differences in the measurements. Slight imperfections are normal such as fingerprints; each piece has been QC'd prior to sending out.
-Stainless steel generally does not change colour, but under some circumstances such as chemistry with certain skin types, lots of friction, or prolonged exposure to chemicals and alcohols (eg. perfumes) may cause the steel to discolour, but this is rare (think of wear and tear of your standard steel watch band).
-Due to computer screens and photography, the colours may have slight differences to the actual product.