Set of 2 Baby/Toddler Pinwheel Bow Hair Clips (Purple- Yabane)

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100% Cotton made in Japan
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2x Bow Hair Clips as pictured
*item supplied may differ to the one in image but will be made using the same fabric/ print. 

These are dainty, functional, and incredibly unique. Featuring a beautiful Japanese print with gold accents on 100% cotton (made in Japan). No two bows will be the same as each bow is crafted by hand, and the pattern will never be quite the same.

This item can be remade if the material is still available. Please contact if interested in more than 2 of the same print to check availability.

All bows are handmade and are hand stitched using a "Godzilla Construction" whereby most things are double, including stitching, tying, knotting to increase durability. A lot of time has been put in to ensure that things do not come apart, unexpectedly or not, and was put together with the option to reuse or repair.

Clawed/ Alligator Hair Clips are easy to use, but also come with the chance that they are too sharp and can pull on your hair when you try to remove them.
With this in mind, the claws are safely covered, yet the strength of the clip is not compromised, so you can be sure that the clip still remains strong, but won't weigh down or pull on your hair, especially when it comes to those little fingers. These clips are great for babies, toddlers, girls and adults who enjoy a bit of colour in their every day lives.

50mm(W)x30mm(H) approx
45x5mm Alligator Clip, teeth are covered, safe for little fingers (total length and width; actual clippable area 40mm)

Care instructions and disclaimers:
-Please supervise children while using the hair clips, remove during sleep, bath time and swimming
-Please do not submerge in water and avoid wetting/ moisture
-Your child needs hair (even if fine hair) of a suitable length to use the hair clips.
-All items were handmade, so please allow for differences in the measurements. Due to the nature of the fabric print, no two bows are the same
-Due to computer screens and photography, the colours may have slight differences to the actual product.
-These clips may have a slight rough texture or a slight to no sheen like a coated canvas (varies) due to a thin coating applied to help this product last longer and prevent fraying (natural property of fabric).
-Due to the nature of it being handmade and handstitched, there may be slight imperfections, but all efforts were made to make it as beautifully as possible.