Origami Paper Crane Drop Ear Threads (Purple Garden)

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Earring Type:
Ear Thread (link chain)
Earring Material (Body):
100% Paper and Resin Coating
Earring Material (Hardware):
Stainless Steel (surgical grade) - silver
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1x Pair of Resin Coated Origami Cranes with Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel Ear Threads

No single paper crane is the same.
Mochi La Vie's bestselling ear thread paper cranes are now available - pairs will be despatched at RANDOM.
This means that while the base colours are more or less the same as they are made from the same sheet of paper, the patterns and top colours may vary as every crane differs depending on which part of the paper is used.
The papers currently offered online are the most popular colours and they sell out very quickly at in person pop-ups, which is why they are offered but despatched with variation. They are extremely slow made and made in batches that take days to complete. Thank you for your understanding!

These are crafted from 100% paper. Finished with a splash proof resin gloss coating on the top and bottom. Comes in a variety of prints and colours. Super lightweight and strong.
The paper crane ear threads involve a minimum 7 step process from start to finish (with the entire folding process counting as 1 step only), and were designed to be on threads with no other decorations so that these dainty cranes look like they are flying as you wear them.

To wear - simply thread the chain through your ear piercing using the ear thread post, and let hang at equal lengths, front and back.

PAPER CRANE SIZE (may vary):
30mm wing span, 10mm height, 7mm body length (approx)

-Please supervise children if you choose to let them wear these earrings
-Please do not submerge in water and avoid wetting/ moisture as these are not waterproof
-Pierced ears are required
-All items were handmade, so please allow for differences in the measurements. Slight imperfections are normal such as fingerprints, bubbles; each piece has been QC'd prior to sending out.
-Stainless steel generally does not change colour, but under some circumstances such as chemistry with certain skin types, lots of friction, or prolonged exposure to chemicals and alcohols (eg. perfumes) may cause the steel to discolour, but this is rare (think of wear and tear of your standard steel watch band).
-Due to computer screens and photography, the colours may have slight differences to the actual product.