OMAKASE Bespoke Custom Drop Earring (Made to Order: CLOSED)


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CLOSED. Reopening in 2023.

*Please kindly email me at or DM with an inquiry of what you had in mind for a quote. Otherwise, this listing is closed temporarily due to time constraints. I can custom make all the jewellery types that are available on the website, provided that I have parts. Thank you for your understanding.*

1x Pair of Polymer Clay Drop Earrings (MADE TO ORDER)

Please read the below description:

Sometimes it's difficult choosing a pair of earrings. Sometimes there's something you want but cannot find, or maybe there's a special occasion where you want something personalised and specific for that treat/ gift.

Mochi La Vie offers a bespoke earring service, on an omakase basis. This means that what you receive is pretty much a mystery, as you will entrust your custom earrings with us, knowing that we will design and create a specific pair that is best suited for you or your needs.

You can however specify: colours (though keep them broad as possible eg. dark red is better than saying "I want exactly Urban Red in specific colour brand"), size, shape (all shapes available are on the website, if a specific shape is required there will be an extra charge), colour of hardware (gold/silver - rose gold is also available but at an extra charge to order), a style (eg. cute/elegant/floral/chic/abstract etc), a maximum of 2 elements you might want to see on your earrings, and the type of earring (eg. hook, hoop, stud, clip on). 

Please copy and paste the ^ above paragraph ^ into the order notes, replacing the text in brackets with your choosing. If you forget to do this, don't worry - I'll send an email regardless to confirm the above, before I proceed to work.

Where not specified, hardware in stainless steel will be provided. If you request sterling silver parts or clip-ons and I have them in stock, there will be no extra charge. 
There is only an extra charge if I need to order in specific parts I do not have in stock - this includes tassels, any stones or beads, metal components, cutters or textures (equipment will not be sent out with your order). The charge will be the cost of the part (whatever the minimum order is), plus any postage incurred.  Ordering parts can add up to 1-2 weeks extra (assuming they are within Australia) onto the maximum 1 week process to create your earrings as parts take time to arrive. As always, I will confirm with you before I proceed to order anything, and more likely than not, we can find a solution with what I have on hand.

This bespoke service cannot be used to replicate an existing pair (you can request something similar), and I will control the amount of work/ detail. I may need to quote you more if there is more work involved. Thank you for your understanding.

You have the choice for me to take a photo and send to you before I despatch your bespoke earrings, or opt to have a complete mystery box and I will send it as soon as your earrings are complete.

All bespoke earring sales are final, with no revisions to be made.
If you would like to know more about the process, feel free to reach out to me on social media, or email me for more information (eg. what I might have in stock etc). 

25-45mm approx range can be specified... or more (eg. small, medium, large or extra large - more components may be added to the bottom)

-Please supervise children if you choose to let them wear these earrings
-Please do not submerge in water and avoid wetting/ moisture
-These were made from polymer clay, so please do not squeeze/ crush, drop or leave hanging around (eg. in a handbag) to ensure it stays in its original condition
-All items were handmade, so please allow for differences in the measurements. Slight imperfections are normal such as fingerprints; each piece has been QC'd prior to sending out.
-Stainless steel generally does not change colour, but under some circumstances such as chemistry with certain skin types, lots of friction, or prolonged exposure to chemicals and alcohols (eg. perfumes) may cause the steel to discolour, but this is rare (think of wear and tear of your standard steel watch band).
-Due to computer screens and photography, the colours may have slight differences to the actual product.